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Paper Recycling For Printers

Printers and print finishers are our traditional customers. However the printing industry is in decline, due to competition from on line services and the migration of advertising from print to the internet.

It is difficult not to miss what is happening in the printing industry.

In Kent we are familiar with the Kent Messenger group of newspapers. That Group ceased printing at its Larkfield (Maidstone) site some years ago and contracted the printing to Trinity Mirror at Watford. The whole print industry has and continues to go through consolidation and closures. In 2015 PaperlinX, the UK’S Largest Paper Merchant, ceased trading with a loss of around 1,200 staff. A year later Polestar, the UK’S Largest Magazine (Web/ Gravure) Printer employing around 1,500 employees, collapsed.

In 2017 it was the turn of the ANTON Group (Basildon Essex), the UK’S Largest Sheet Fed/Lithographic Printer with the loss of 300 plus employees.

Wherever you live or work, you cannot fail to notice that one printer or another has ceased to trade. In Ashford, Headley Bros was both a Lithographic Printer and a Web (Magazine) Printer. This company ceased trading early in 2017 and employed around 200 workers. A brief spell operating under the Stones “umbrella” failed to work out.

Despite all this gloom, Prima has grown the amount of printers waste that it handles! In general terms, printers waste paper is recycled back into tissue – and toilet tissue is still in demand! It is therefore logical that, as the source of printers waste continues to decline, prices will continue to hold!

As part of our social responsibility, all of our printed printers waste (wood free) is recycled at the RCF Mill in Sittingbourne. This keeps the Co2 “footprint” to the minimum! This paper is turned into a wood free pulp that is used as a white top liner in cardboard manufacture.

Many printers are keeping their best white shavings separate, in order to increase their revenues. No mill in the UK uses this grade any longer, so all of our Best White is sold into Europe.


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