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Prima is a family company and the oldest paper recycling company in Kent

Our customer base includes Colombier (UK) Ltd, Kensett Book Binders, CCL Label (Ashford) Ltd, The Pur-Fect Finish (Bookbinders) Ltd and many printers and print finishers in the South East of England.

Auto dumping into a skip

Paper Recycling For Printers

As part of our social responsibility, all of our printed printers waste (wood free) is recycled at the RCF Mill in Sittingbourne. This keeps the Co2 “footprint” to the minimum.

General commerical waste

Paper Recycling For Packaging

Packaging waste and general mixed papers are recycled back into cardboard boxes. Packaging waste and mixed papers is a global market and is sold to Countries as far away as Vietnam and China. Closer to home we have four main Groups throughout the UK.

Shredded paper in crates

General Commercial Waste

General Commercial Waste was once called Landfill and as a nation we happily consumed packaging that was just tipped at the local landfill site. In Kent there are no landfill sites left, general waste will typically be tipped at a transfer station and then much of that waste is then incinerated Prima will look at your General Waste and look for the best solution. Not every transfer station is the same and we appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of the various transfer stations.

Plastic and metal containers

Pallets, pallet wrap & wood recycling

Pallets are an obvious line that should be kept separate from your general waste. The cost of using Prima to dispose of your pallets will save you around 70% of your general waste costs.
Pallet stretch wrap is one of the largest components of a warehouse/distribution centre’s waste stream. Those who don’t recycle it pay to have it hauled away and is missing out on an revenue opportunity.

"We understand Paper Recycling better than most Companies, in fact we are the oldest paper recycling Company left in Kent!"



Our knowledge as a team has grown as Prima has developed into a fully integrated waste management company.

The Managing Director started his career with Reed International in the 1980s and has an extensive range of experiences within the recycling industry. The Commercial Manager started his career with Wiggins Teape and has a good understanding of the printing industry. Our Works and Logistics Manager started his career with Prima in the 1990s. Our Office Administrator has a complete understanding of how important it is to keep accurate records for every transaction and has over 30 years’ experience of our industry.

Very competitive Rates

We understand that our customers want a competitive rate and we deliver on that rate. For some commodities Prima will pay you a competitive rate for your product such as paper or plastics and adjust these prices in accordance with the prevailing market. For other products such as General Waste that is normally sent for incineration to create electricity we can source the best rates for your Company in the most environmental friendly method. We believe our terms of payment are exemplary!

Superior Quality

We understand that service is paramount. We appreciate that with our knowledge and reliability we can add value to your business. Investing in the equipment that we offer our customers is important and having an up to date transport fleet is essential.

Honest and Dependable

Integrity is paramount. We offer a service to our customers and it is our drivers that deliver this service. The vast majority of our employees have worked for Prima for over 15 years and some much longer. It is rare for any employee to leave us and this fact alone gives us a competitive edge to deliver the best possible service. It is also a rare event for us to lose a customer to one of our competitors.


Original Prima Team

Prima is a Family Company that service the needs of the business community. Click here to find out more.

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